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The duo of Buryachok / Kalashnikova became the champion pair of the year
Competition of doubles has been finalized in "Baku Cup 2013"
Sunday Report by Barry Wood
Report on final matches, July 28 2013
The finalists have been rewarded
Baku Cup 2013 is over!
The champion of "Baku Cup 2013" is known!
The final match of singles has been held on the 8th – last day of the tournament.
All finalists have been identified in "Baku Cup 2013"
On the seventh day of the tournament – on 27 July 3 semi-final matches were held.
Pliskova sisters quitted in one-step distance from finals
In the competition of doubles in "Baku Cup 2013" the second finalist has also become known.
Saturday Report by Barry Wood
Report on matches, July 27, 2013
The Israeli tennis player has become the second finalist
The next semi-final match has been held during the 7th day of "Baku Cup 2013".
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